Photo of Tracy CastroFair Morning Blue is a one-woman web design and development studio in Austin Texas. That one woman? It’s me, Tracy Castro. I am passionate about creating beautiful, functional, and compelling websites for artists and small creative businesses.

Two years ago, as a graphic designer with a growing paper goods business on Etsy, I found myself in need of a website. Considering my shoestring budget and my affinity for DIY, I decided to learn how to code the site myself.

Turns out, I have knack for it and I’m now busy designing fresh sites for other makers, movers and shakers . I love every step of the process, from taking the time to get to know my clients and understand their needs to using HTML5 and CSS3 to implement my designs.

I am madly curious about the intersection of technology and art and I love seeing my clients’ ideas become pretty, easy to use web experiences. As a creative and a maker I understand the importance of simplicity, good design, and clear messages.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, send me an email at tracy [at] or use my contact form.